Module "User management"

December 6, 2021|Yuliia Pnivchuk


The user management page enables the admin to display, update and insert users in an organization and can be accessed by admins directly from SMASHDOCs app. Button "User management" can be found in the menu under the avatar.

User management button displayed in the menu under users avatar

Once you land on the user management it will approx. look like this, depending on your organization. All names of real users are being greyed out for anonymity reasons.

User management page displayed

The main things you as an admin can see on your user management page are:

internal and external users - differentiated by the domain in the user’s e-mail address;

active/deactivated users;

pending invitations;

other system admins.

Admins can also:

create a user;

invite a user;

activate a user;

deactivate a user - user license gets deactivated and the user cannot log in to the system;

delete a user - user is deleted from the system and gets anonymized;

search for a certain user;

set default language for users.

Let`s have a closer look at each tab on the user management page:

1.1Pending invitations

Under this tab, two types of users are being displayed:

that have been invited but have not yet confirmed their invitations via email (get the status "Invited")

that have registered themselves in SMASHDOCs but have not confirmed their registration via email (get the status "Pending")

Users with statuses "Invited" and "Pending" highlighted

While the user still does have the status "Invited", you can edit his metadata by clicking on three dots button under "Others" and choosing "Edit user".

Edit user option highlighted under "Pending invitations"

Please note that you can only change the first and/or last name, the company and default language of the invited user and not his/her email address. You can also promote him to the system admin.

Editing user highlighted

It is also possible to:

re-send the invitation (e.g. if the invitation e-mail landed in the spam folder or got lost)

delete the invited user from the organization meaning cancel the invitaton

Options "Re-send invitation" and "Delete user" highlighted


"Internals" lists users with the email extensions that are recorded under "internal user domains" for each system by our professional services team. For example, all users on the system with domain "".

Internal users highlighted


Under "Externals" users with any email endings that differ from "" are being displayed. In our example, these are all users, except those with the email extension "".

External users displayed


Under tab "Active" users with the status, "Confirmed" are being displayed.

Active users highlighted

There are several options in the menu under tab "Others" for the users with the status "Confirmed":

reset password (an email with the link for resetting a password in SMASHDOCs is sent to the user's email address)

deactivate user (user get`s status "Inactive" and cannot log in to the system)

delete user (user gets anonymized)

Menu options for confirmed users highlighted

Please note that when the users confirmed in the system are deleted, they are anonymized and given the status "Deleted":

Highlighted after deleting anonymous users


All users that have been deactivated and thus have the status "Inactive" are being displayed under the "De-activated" tab.

De-activated users highlighted

Inactive users can be activated at any time in the menu under "Others".

Option "Active user" highlighted

1.6System admins

Under this tab, you can see who else is the admin in your system and deactivate the admin status of the desired user if needed.

User with deactivated admin status highlighted


If you have lots of users in your organization, you can always fill in the search field with the name of the particular user, his email or his company and the list will be sorted accordingly.

Search term and search results highlighted

1.8Green plus button for creating new users

Click on the green Plus-button allows you to create a new user right within the user management page. In the creation process, it is also possible to indicate his/her default language, set him/her as a system admin and choose an immediate invitation of the user.

You can also activate the option "Create one more User after completion" every time you need to create one more new user in your organization. Then continue doing so until all your users have been created.

Creating new user highlighted

If you don`t activate the "Invite now" option, the newly created user will be saved in the system with the status "Not yet invited". Such a user can be then found in the general list of users or via the search field by his name and/or company.

User with status "Not yet invited" highlighted

You can edit/invite/delete the created user by clicking on the three dots menu under the "Others" tab.