Module "Snapshots"

October 26, 2021

1Definition and use cases

The definition of a snapshot would be a state of your entire document at a particular point of the time. Therefore, the primary purpose of making a snapshot is to remember the document`s status for later comparison or export.

Snapshots functionality highlighted

A perfect use case example would be a negotiation process. There will always be the "first version of a contract" every party is fine with. With further changes, it often makes sense to compare the current status of the agreement with the one everyone initially agreed upon.

Hence, making snapshots of a document at the desired stages of the negotiation is a perfect solution compared to creating multiple document versions and storing them separately.

2Creation process

If the Snapshots feature is active on your system, a new tab "Snapshots" will appear in the left tab bar. From there, you can create an unlimited amount of snapshots of one document in SMASHDOCs, meaning a snap of a clean version of your document, including comments. To do this, click on the "New" button for the window to create snapshots to open.

During the creation process, indicate

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name of the snapshot

it`s numbering level

a note (optional)

Creation of a new snapshot

During the import of sdox-/Word-document to SMASHDOCs the default name of an initial snapshot is 'Original'.

The default name of an initial snapshot highlighted

Later on, you can filter taken snapshots depending on their levels. Also adding notes like the ones in the examples below, help you distinguish the purpose of the particular snapshot or add any other information you feel like adding.

If the option "Show details" is on, information about what, when, and by whom was created will be displayed in the list.

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Apart from a date of the snapshot creation, its exact time is also provided.

Exact time of the snapshot creation highlighted

Once you deactivate "Show details", only names of snapshots will be shown.

List of snapshots without details

3Snapshots as a separate user right

Option "Snapshots" is only available for users who have the respective user right activated in the particular document. If you wish to invite a user to your document so that he/she can take snapshots, grant him this right straightforward during the invitation or activate the "Snapshots" option later on in the user management.

Option "Snapshots" highlighted in the user management

4Comparison of snapshots

You can compare snapshots between each other and then merge the necessary changes.

Please be aware that merge is only possible if comparing to the current status of the document.

Comparison of snapshots highlighted

As in the usual comparison process, you can select the changes you want to merge or merge everything at once by clicking on "Merge all".

Comparison report with merge buttons

In other cases, namely if comparing two or more snapshots with one another, the result will be a comparison report view - without the possibility to merge changes.

5Export of snapshots

Snapshots can also be exported as original sdox file and / or as a WORD document. Exported snapshots both in sdox and docx format can later always be compared using our comparison functionality.

Context menu of snapshot inclusive export highlighted