Service description - Module: Spell Check by

June 10, 2024

[A]Module: Spell Check by

Preliminary remark

(A)LanguageTool offers SMASHDOCs customers standard grammar, punctuation and style checking while editing a document.

(B)Disclaimer. Toppan Merrill

(1)has no influence on whether LanguageTool is available at the time SMASHDOCs addresses it for spellchecking;

(2)is not responsible for changes in spellchecking if there is no free version of LanguageTool

(C)Detailed performance and functional description of LanguageTool can be viewed at any time in the most recent version at

(D)The module "Spell check" is not included in the standard version of SMASHDOCs and can be added optionally.


1.1Enable spell checking in a document

1.2Disable spell checking in a document

1.3Determine spell check language in a document

(a)Dutch (Belgium)



(d)French (Belgium)

(e)French (Canada)




2Mark potentially incorrect words

2.1Words that are potentially wrong according to the logic of are automatically marked; detection by

2.2Display correction suggestions for one or more related, potentially incorrect words; corrections are provided by

2.3Apply a suggested correction

(a)Required role: Suggest, Approver

2.4Corrections in a text component are not possible if the component is locked for the user who wants to make a correction

2.5If no correction suggestions are offered by, although "reports" to SMASHDOCs that there are potential errors, this is not an error of SMASHDOCs