Service Description - Module: Document Templates Based On SDOX

June 10, 2024

[A]Module: Document Templates Based On SDOX

Preliminary remark

The module "SMASHDOCs document templates" is not included in the standard version of SMASHDOCs and can be added optionally.

1Create a new SDOX template in Admin Console

1.1Only System Admins can create new SDOX templates in Admin Console

1.2Upload SDOX file which shall be used as content template

1.3Define for each template which paragraph formats are to be displayed for a SMASHDOCs document created via SMASHDOCs document template.  

2Create a new document based on a SDOX template

2.1Start creation process

(a)Cancel creation process

2.2Select SMASHDOCs document template from the list

2.3Edit metadata of a new SMASHDOCs document