Module "SMASHDOCs document templates"

January 14, 2021|deleted user

The module "SMASHDOCs Document Templates" is not included in the standard version of SMASHDOCs and can be added optionally.

A SMASHDOCs document template is a SMASHDOCs document that is predefined in terms of content and formatting and can be edited by the user after creation. You can define for each template which paragraph formats are not to be displayed for a SMASHDOCs document created using a SMASHDOCs document template. In this case, these are no longer accessible in this document.

1Store template in the system - is done by smartwork solutions as part of professional services with costs on the basis of a sdox file, which can be created by the customer himself, as long as the sdox export is available in the customer system.

2Start creation process

2.1Select SMASHDOCs document template from the list

2.2Display and edit metadata of the new SMASHDOCs document to be created based on the document template

2.3Cancel creation process

2.4New SMASHDOCs document will be created in draft mode, which can be edited and changed immediately by the user