Service description - Integration: Microsoft Login and Teams

June 10, 2024

[A]Integration: Microsoft Login and Teams

Preliminary remark

(A)Microsoft Office365 (later in the document "O365") offers SMASHDOCs customers an extension (the "Microsoft Teams app", later in the document "MS Teams") to be able to create, edit and collaborate on the document in SMASHDOCs directly from Microsoft Teams app.

(B)Disclaimer. Toppan Merrill

(1)has no influence on whether Microsoft Teams app is available at the time SMASHDOCs addresses it for file editing;

(2)is only responsible for the data transfer to the Microsoft Teams app, provided that an internet connection exists at the time of the start of the creation or editing process.

1Installing the SMASHDOCs app on user's own domain

1.1Get access from SMASHDOCs to a custom-configured ZIP file containing MS Teams manifest

1.2Upload the ZIP file as a custom app to MS Teams account of organization

1.3Install the SMASHDOCs app

1.4Remove the SMASHDOCs app (optionally)

2Login/Sign-in with Microsoft account

2.1Log in with Microsoft account and skip signing in process in SMASHDOCs

(a)New account will be automatically created on SMASHDOCs side after signing in MS Teams account, if there was no account before.

(b)Organization field of user profile will be supplied with an organization information from MS Teams.

(c)Email will be the one which is attached to Microsoft account.

2.2Search the document in the connected SMASHDOCs system directly from MS Teams

2.3Add the document as a tab in a channel

3Working with documents in MS Teams app

3.1Create a document in MS Teams app:

(a)Write a new document

(b)Open an existing document

(c)Create a document via SmartDocuments Interview (only if the module "SmartDocuments Interview" is activated)

3.2Edit a document

3.3Share a document for review

3.4Collaborate on the document with all the MS Teams group members

3.5Invite users to collaborate on documents:

(a)users of O365 by their name

(b)users who do not have an O365 account