Service description - Module: Document Comparison and Roundtrip

June 10, 2024

[A]Module: Document Comparison and Roundtrip

Preliminary remark

The module "Document comparison and Roundtrip" is not included in the standard version of SMASHDOCs and can be booked as an option.

1Run comparison process

1.1Start comparison process.

1.2Define comparison document(s):

(a)Search for a document already existing in the SMASHDOCs application in which the user is an active user and define it as a comparison document(s)

(b)Drag & drop an .sdox and/or .docx-file into comparison window to define it as comparison document(s)

1.3Insert name a creator for each comparison document.

1.4Delete a comparison document.

1.5Run comparison process.

2Show comparison report

2.1Components of the comparison report:

(a)List of components with changes

(b)Master document

(c)Comparison document(s)

2.2Comparison report shows such changes:

(a)content changes

(b)text components

(c)image components and captions

(d)table components and captions

(e)equation components and captions





(j)side notes

(k)index entries

(l)changes of inline and paragraph styles

(m)change of numbering level to a text component

2.3Show comparison report to two documents:

(a)in synoptical (two-column) view or

(b)in 'Merged in 1' view

2.4Show comparison report to >2 documents:

(a)Select the number of documents to be displayed in the report

(b)Change positioning of documents in the comparison report


3.1Unsupported elements:

(a)inline image

(b)inline file

(c)side note


3.2Merge chosen components

(a)it is not supported to merge change in component that contains any index + change of text

3.3Merge all

(a)merge process is finished, skipping changes of indices (deletion, update, insertion), but changes of text in component with (unchanged) index are merged

3.4In document with merged changes:

(a)mark all as read

(b)accept changes (if there are any)

(c)reject changes (if there are any)

3.5Create a version (if the module "Versions" has been activated in the system)


(i)Insert name

(ii)Set versions numbering level

(iii)Add notes (optionally)