Service description - Partner App: Export Pagina - "Audit Trail"

June 10, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska

[A]Partner App: Export Pagina - "Audit Trail"

Preliminary remark

(A)Pagina GmbH is a German publishing software vendor and offers SMASHDOCs customers a special "Audit Trail" PDF (the "Pagina Audit Trail") with contains a documentation to the complete revision history of a SMASHDOCs document and can be generated directly from SMASHDOCs.

(B)Disclaimer. Toppan Merrill

(1)has no influence on whether Pagina Audit Trail is available at the time SMASHDOCs addresses it for file creation;

(2)is only responsible for the data transfer to Pagina's app which creates the Pagina Audit Trail, provided that an internet connection exists at the time of the start of the creation process;

(3)is not responsible for the transfer of the generated file from Pagina's App which creates the Pagina Audit Trail back to SMASHDOCs;

(4)is not responsible for the technically and visually correct processing of the data exported from SMASHDOCs by Pagina's App which creates the Pagina Audit Trail and the quality, completeness and correctness of both the layout and the content.

1Process to create a Pagina Audit Trail

1.1Required right: Export

1.2Select file format "Audit Trail (PDF)" in export menu

1.3Start the creation process

1.4See in SMASHDOCs when the final file generated by the Pagina App is available

1.5Download the file from SMASHDOCs

2Information included in the Pagina Audit Trail

2.1Date of creation of the document

2.2Date of creation of the report

2.3Name of the initial creator of the document

2.4Number of pages in the report

2.5Users contributing to the document


(b)First name


(d)Role in the document at the time the report was prepared

(e)Is Document Admin at the time the report was prepared



(f)Is active at the time the report was prepared



2.6History to a text component, component versions

(a)Suggested changes

(b)Accepted changes

(c)Rejected changes

(d)Changes of the paragraph styles

(e)Changes of inline styles

(f)Finally deleted components

2.7History to an image component

2.8History to a table component

2.9History to an equation component

2.10History to a comment which is visible for current user


(b)Main comment

(c)Meta data

(i)Processing status

(ii)Visible for

(iii)Visible in export


(v)Component version, to which comment has been left

(d)Changes to comment's meta data

(e)Replies to a comment