Service description - Module: Versions

March 4, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska

[A]Module: Versions

Preliminary remark

The module "Versions" is not included in the standard version of SMASHDOCs and can be booked as an option.

1Create and edit a version

1.1Version metadata

(a)Name of version

(b)Numbering level

(c)Notes (optionally)

1.2Start creation process

(a)Required role: Suggest, Approver

(b)Required right: Versions

(c)Cancel creation process

1.3Edit a version

(a)Required role: Suggest, Approver

(b)Required right: Versions

2List of versions

2.1Provide tab "Versions" in document

2.2Show list of versions

2.3Filter list by numbering level

2.4Control whether details shall be displayed or not

3Compare versions

3.1Required role: users with any roles can compare versions

3.2Required right: Versions

3.3Compare any number of versions with each other

3.4See changes of all compared versions to the version defined as "Master Document" in the comparison process

4Download file from version list

4.1Required role: Suggest, Approver

4.2Required rights: Versions and Export

4.3Export version as .SDOX-file

4.4Export version as .docx-file (original and clean version)