Service description - Module: SmartBlog

June 10, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska

[A]Module: SmartBlog

Preliminary remark

SmartBlog is a website, where all customer-related SMASHDOCs documentation is published. A list of all published documents can be found here

1Prepare documents for publishing

1.1Check whether correct paragraph decorators are applied and documents metadata and layout are well-adjusted for SmartBlog publishing.

1.2Supported paragraph decorators

(a)Paragraph styles

(i)Text 1 for the ordinary text

(ii)from Heading 1 to Heading 6

(iii)from Heading - numbered 1 to Heading - numbered 6

(iv)Heading - chapter


(vi)Box 1 - heading, Box 2 - heading

(vii)Box 1 - text, Box 2 - text

(viii)from Bullet 1 to Bullet 6

(ix)from Dash 1 to list Dash 6

(x)from List (indented) - 1-1 to List (indented) - 1-3

(xi)SmartL num 1 - H1 to SmartL num 1 - H5

(xii)SmartL num 1 - p1 to SmartL num 1 - p6

(b)Inline styles




(iv)Strike through


(vi)Small caps




(x)Color 1

(xi)Color 2

(xii)Drafting note



(xv)Term 1

(xvi)Term 2




(a)Cover page / title



(a)No blank paragraphs

(b)No unnecessary spaces


(a)In sdox format only

2Publishing process

2.1Upload documents via the app Cyberduck (or any other SFTP client software) to dedicated SmartBlog location.

(a)a new document

(b)an updated document

2.2Approximately in 2-3 minutes after successful upload documents appear on SmartBlog

3The list of existing documents on SmartBlog



3.3Release notes


(a)Document Assembly + SMASHDOCs: technical concept


(a)Terms of Use


(c)Data Privacy Statement

(d)Technical prerequisite for the optimal high-performance use of SMASHDOCs

4Links to SmartBlog available to reach from the editor

4.1Quick start


4.3Short cuts list

4.4What's new! (release notes)

4.5Terms of Use

4.6Data Privacy Statement