Service description - Module: Milestones and Dashboard

June 10, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska

[A]Module: Milestones and Dashboard

Preliminary remark

The module 'Milestones & Dashboard' is not included in the standard version of SMASHDOCs and can be booked as an option.

1Milestones per document

1.1Standard milestones are:


(b)Internal review




1.2The milestone list can be customised per system according to the customer's specifications.

2Document tab "Milestones"

2.1Show tab "Milestones" in document

2.2Show milestone list after click on document tab "Milestones"

3Milestone list in document

3.1Set milestone (not mandatory)

(a)Required role: any role

3.2Change milestone

(a)Required role: any role

3.3Set due date to milestone (optionally)

(a)Required role: any role

3.4Change / delete milestone due date

(a)Required role: any role

3.5Show due date in red if <= TODAY

3.6Track all changes to milestones and milestone due dates

3.7Show milestone audit trail

4Milestone dashboard

4.1Provide tab "Dashboard" on home screen

4.2Open dashboard view after clicking on tab "Dashboard"

4.3Show list of documents which have a milestone

(a)Standard filter: none - can be adjusted per system


(i)Name of document

(ii)Related project (if module "Projects" is activated in the system)


(iv)Milestone due date

(c)Sort per column

5Filter document list

Available filters - can be combined according to the "AND" principle

5.1By milestone

5.2By milestone due date (standard setup; can be adjusted per system)


(b)Less than 10 days left

(c)In time