Service description - Module: Index

June 10, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska

[A]Module: Index

Preliminary remark

The module "Index" is not included in the standard version of SMASHDOCs and can be booked as an option.

1Create, edit and delete index

1.1Create a new index

(a)Required role: Suggest, Approver


(i)Index name

(c)Cancel the index creation process

1.2Edit an index

(a)Required role: Suggest, Approver

(b)Changes in the index are not tracked.

1.3Delete an index with index entries

(a)Required role: Suggest, Approver

2Add index terms

2.1Add a term

(a)on the same level

(b)one level down


(a)Term (text)

(b)Reference for the index term (optionally)

(c)Sort string for the index term (optionally)

2.3Edit an index term

(a)Changes in the index term are not tracked.

2.4Delete an index term

3Index link in editor

3.1Add index link at cursor position in a text component

3.2Remove index link

3.3After clicking on index link open the dialog window, where indices and terms can be added/edited and index link can be removed

4Control how index marks are displayed in the editor

4.1Displayed in full path

4.2Displayed as icons only

4.3Not displayed

5Index directories

5.1Provide sub-tab "Indices" to tab "Directories"

5.2Show list of all indices in the document

5.3Search an index in the document indices list

5.4Show all terms in an index including the path

5.5Navigate to component with an index mark

6Create an index directory placeholder in a document

6.1Add an index directory placeholder in a document

6.2Delete an index directory placeholder in a document

7Display of indices in the exported Word document

7.1Display an index entry at the point where it has been inserted in the document in SMASHDOCs editor.

7.2Re-import Word document with changed index entries.

(a)Changes in index entries are not tracked.