Service description - Module: Financial tables

June 10, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska

[A]Module: Financial tables

1Creating financial tables

1.1Create data table through SpreadJS editor

1.2Import Word document with financial table

1.3Import SDOX document with financial table

2Editing financial table

2.1Start editing process

2.2Cancel editing process

2.3Insert rows

2.4Delete rows

2.5Insert columns

2.6Delete columns

2.7Edit content in table cells

2.8Format content in table cells:





(e)Clear format

2.9Set alignment of text in table cells:




2.10Set text positioning in table cells:




2.11Merge cells

2.12Separate cells

2.13Select border type:


(b)single bottom

(c)double bottom

2.14Set leader column (0 - 5)

2.15Select cell styles:

(a)Standard (0 - 5)


2.16Set currency:



2.17Set percent

2.18Track changes in financial table:

(a)in table history

(b)in unseen table view

(c)in comparison report

2.19Create a comment to the whole table

2.20Copy table

2.21Cut table

2.22Paste table

2.23Set component tag to the table

2.24Delete table

3Excel Roundtrip

3.1Export one financial table as an Excel file

3.2Export all financial tables as the Excel file

3.3Export financial table styles to Excel together with financial tables

3.4Update financial table via an Excel file