Service description - Module: Clean-up Routines

June 10, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska

[A]Module: Clean-up Routines

Preliminary remark

Module "Clean-up routines" does not refer to standard configuration and can be adjusted per system according to the customer's requirements.

1List of clean-up routines

1.1Provide sub-tab "Clean-up routines" behind tab "Search" in document

(a)Required role: Approver

(b)Required right: Clean-up routines

1.2Show list of clean-up routines

2Default clean-up routines

2.1Provide "select individually" and "select all"

2.2Remove all blank lines

2.3Delete unnecessary spaces

2.4Convert (wrong) quotes (single+double) to French (single+double) quotes

(a)German („“; ‚‘)

(b)English (“”; ‘’)

(c)French («»; ‹›)

(d)Swiss (»«; ›‹)

2.5Change image numbering



2.6Change table numbering



2.7Change formula numbering



2.8Delete page breaks

2.9Delete empty lines after headlines

2.10Delete empty lines before headlines

2.11Insert fixed values

2.12Remove hyperlinks

2.13Three points in ellipse

2.14Delete all spaces at the beginning of a paragraph

2.15Delete all spaces at the end of a paragraph

2.16Hyphens in dashes

2.17French punctuation

2.18Convert manual counting in headings to automatic counting

2.19Replace multiple consecutive blank lines with one blank line

2.20Change XRefs content/caption



2.21Remove landscapes

2.22Remove portrait

2.23Delete inline tabs

2.24Delete manual numbering from images

2.25Delete manual numbering from tables

2.26Delete hardcoded prefixes in headings and lists

2.27Highlight placeholders

2.28Insert six-per-em-space