Service description - Integration: Excel365

March 4, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska

[A]Integration: Excel365

Preliminary remark

(A)Microsoft Office365 (later in the document "O365") offers SMASHDOCs customers an extension (the "Excel365 App") to be able to create and edit the Excel table directly from SMASHDOCs.

(B)Disclaimer. Toppan Merrill

(1)has no influence on whether Excel365 app is available at the time SMASHDOCs addresses it for file editing;

(2)is only responsible for the data transfer to the Excel365 app, provided that an internet connection exists at the time of the start of the creation or editing process.

1Create Excel365 table

1.1Set connection between Excel and SMASHDOCs

1.2Insert Excel table

1.3Insert URL of Excel365 table

(a)Start the process

(b)Cancel the process

(c)Add table in a draft mode

(d)Add table in a review mode

1.4Add the whole Excel table in a document

1.5Add several parts of Excel table within a single document

2Edit Excel365 table

2.1Edit table

2.2Add comment to table

2.3Delete table

2.4Close connection between Excel and SMASHDOCs

2.5Add another Excel table in a document

(a)If a previous connection has not been closed:

(i)Close the other connection and delete table;

(ii)Go to the other table and finalize the connection there.

2.6Remove connection between Excel and SMASHDOCs