Service description - Integration: Dracoon

March 4, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska

[A]Integration: Dracoon

Preliminary remark

(A)DRACOON is an enterprise-grade file sharing web application and offers SMASHDOCs customers an extension (the "DRACOON App") to store documents exported directly from SMASHDOCs in the DRACOON App.

(B)Disclaimer. Toppan Merrill

(1)has no influence on whether DRACOON App is available at the time SMASHDOCs addresses it;

(2)is only responsible for the data transfer to the DRACOON App, provided that an internet connection exists at the time of the start of the exporting process.

1Log in to the SMASHDOCs-system from DRACOON platform

1.1Connection between SMASHDOCs and DRACOON systems is required.

1.2Sign in with SMASHDOCs login and password.

1.3Sign in with DRACOON (with DRACOON login and password)

2Export to DRACOON storage

2.1Start export process.

2.2Choose the type of export and the template.

2.3Select location for the file:

(a)SMASHDOCs (to download the file directly)

(b)DRACOON folder

(i)If there is a room for file exporting, folder path will appear.

(1)Select folder path.

(2)Delete folder path.

(3)Create a new folder path.

(ii)If there is no room for file exporting, create a new room.

(1)Download file directly to the room.

(2)Create folder for exported file.

(iii)Define a folder.

(iv)Once a folder is defined it is pre-selected next time during the export.