Service description - Integration: d.velop

June 10, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska

[A]Integration: d.velop

Premiminary remark

(A)D.velop is a document management and enterprise content management system provider and offers SMASHDOCs customers an extension (the "d.velop App") to be able to create and edit SMASHDOCs documents directly inside the d.velop App.

(B)Disclaimer. Toppan Merrill

(1)has no influence on whether d.velop App is available at the time SMASHDOCs addresses it;

(2)is only responsible for the data transfer to the d.velop App, provided that an internet connection exists at the time of the start of the creation process


1.1Technical pre-conditions: SMASHDOCs should be bought from d.velop store and installed to d.velop account of organisation.

1.2Login with d.velop account

2Working with SMASHDOCs documents in d.velop App

All standard SMASHDOCs features are available during the work with documents in the editor from d.velop account.