Modul "Section tags"

September 28, 2020|Yuliia Pnivchuk

Section tags can be defined as a specific marker type used in SMASHDOCs for the selective highlighting of information. Thus, tagged sections create the guidelines for searching specific data in the document later on.

A section tag can be assigned to text, images and table sections. With the section tags, a user can tag any section regardless of its type e.g. simple text section, text section with a web link, an image with a limitless number of section tags per one section. Additionally, the section can be tagged with different types of tags, whereas every tag type can have any number of tag-type specific fields:

  • text fields
  • dropdowns
  • weblink-fields
  • checkboxes
  • radio buttons


Section tag types and fields per type can be configured individually for each system depending on their needs and preferences. It can also be configured individually whether a specific section tag type can be assigned multiple times or only once per section.

To create a new section tag, a user should have a role of editor or approver. Right-click on the section and select the option "Section tag" in order to create a new section tag.

Dropdown menu with the option for creating a section tag highlighted

For example, section tag "Status" helps to mark tasks as still in to do, in progress, in review or already done. 

Creating of the section tag highlighted

All of the section tags in the group "Status" are additionally marked with respective colours as green for "done". This allows a user to distinguish right away which tasks/parts in the document are already finished and which are still pending.

Tag-type "Online dictionary" highlighted in the text

Let`s also have a closer look at our section tag "Priority". It includes three levels of prioritization when pointing out of primary issues is needed e.g. in legal contracts, agreements, directives etc.

Section tag type "Priority" highlighted

Right-click on any type of section tag and several options will be provided in the drop-down menu, including "Show section tags list" with the list of all tags used in the specific section.

Dropdown menu after right-clicking on the section tag highlighted