SMASHDOCs 2.24 - Release Notes

June 10, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska

Dear SMASHDOCs users!

We are pleased to let you know that new features have become available with the new 2.24 version. New functions that are implemented in the new release will help you manage the information in documents in a more appropriate way.

So, let's start discovering each new feature more precisely.

1Display of cross-references as page number

Now it has become possible to set the display of cross-reference not only as content, but also as page number. You can find this setting in the opened modal window for selecting cross-references, below.

Variants of cross-reference display highlighted

When you opt for the variant "As page number", the additional options "Numbering" and "Content/caption of component" are not available to select; you can see these options only after choosing the variant "As content".

Cross-reference with the display variant "As page number" is shown in the SMASHDOCs-editor with a special symbol; in the exported Word document - as a corresponding page number.

Display of a cross-reference with the set outlook "As page number"

Display of a cross-reference in the exported Word document

2Notification about changed citation link in comparison report

There is an improvement in comparison report with Word document that contains a changed citation link, which is no more valid in SMASHDOCs literature databases. So, as soon as the citation link has been changed to an invalid one in Word document, in comparison report with this document you will get a message that literature source is unknown and citation will be inserted as a weblink after merge.

Notification about changed citation link

3Improved tab "SDOX Templates" in Admin UI page

There are certain enhancements in the tab "SDOX Templates" in the Admin UI page. From now on, you don't need to add paragraph and inline styles into a new SDOX template anymore. Instead, after adding a template to the list of templates you can start editing it and in the parts "Paragraph styles" and "Inline styles" tick with a checkmark those styles, that should be available in this template afterwards.

The list of paragraph styles in an SDOX template

Also, there is a possibility to mark export formats and export templates, which should work for documents created on the basis of this template during exporting process.

Export settings in SDOX templates

4Division separators in the list of directories

There is also an enhancement in the feature "Division separators": you can find inserted in document division separators in the list of directories. Just click "Show directories" on the left toolbar and there find and select "Separators".

Option "Separators" in the list of directories

By clicking a separator the document will navigate to the corresponding place where this separator have been inserted.

Selected division separator in the list of directories

5Editing financial tables

Now it's also possible to edit content in financial tables through the special program "SpreadJS". Thus, if this program is activated in your system, after opening table editor you'll see the following settings available:





Positioning of text in a cell:




Merging cells

Separating cells

Border type


single bottom

double bottom

Leader column (0 - 5)

Cell styles

standard (0 - 5)






Available settings while editing a table

With double-click on a cell, a cell content editor opens where you can edit and format content in the cell.

Cell content editor

The following styles for formatting the text are available:





You can also clear format by selecting a corresponding option in the cell content editor.

Option "Clear format"

Apart from that, before saving a table you can insert table name and table caption separately.

Table name and table caption displayed

Note: fields "Table name" and "Table caption" are optional, table will be successfully saved without inserting these credentials, as well.

6Excel Roundtrip

While working with financial tables there is also a possibility to export table as an Excel file and then update financial table in SMASHDOCs editor with an Excel table.

To export a table in Excel, open dropdown menu of a corresponding table and choose the required option.

Option "Export as Excel file (.xlsx)" highlighted

To update an existing financial table via Excel file you have to open dropdown menu of a table and select there the option "Update via an Excel file (.xlsx)".

The option "Update via an Excel table (.xlsx)" marked

Before updated table is imported, you'll get the preview of changes, that have been made in Excel and will be implemented in the editor.

Preview of changes in the financial table

If there are no changes between Excel table and table in the editor, the financial table won't be updated and you'll get the following notification:

Notification in case there're no differences between Excel table and table in the editor

It is also important to mention that for the selected Excel file to be imported correctly, the following prerequisites should be taken into account:

imported Excel table should be the same size as the existing financial table in SMASHDOCs;

Excel table should contain the field "Table name";

Excel table should contain valid fields "ID" and "Range".

7Improved tab "Word templates" in Admin UI

The tab "Word templates" in Admin UI page has acquired some improvements, as well. From now on, Word templates are compactly placed in the list.

The list of Word templates

New Word template can be uploaded in DOCX or DOCM format. Additional options, such as edit, delete, download and replicate a template are hidden under three dots in front of each template.

Additional options applicable to Word templates

The page for editing contains the following parts:

Paragraph styles;

Inline styles;

Link styles;


Page for editing a template

In parts "Paragraph styles", "Inline styles" and "Link styles" SMASHDOCs styles are displayed that will be mapped during the export to corresponding styles in Word.

Process of mapping styles from SMASHDOCs to Word displayed

You can edit styles for Word mapping. For that click on a corresponding style in the column "Styles in MS Word" and the modal window appears where you'll have to search for a needed style and select it for changing.

Dialog window for editing Word mapping

In case a Word style has not been selected, it will be marked in the list with a notification.

Non-selected Word style

Grid levels can be edited manually, too.

Grid settings

The list of templates can be sorted by template names with a click on corresponding arrow buttons.

Buttons to sort the list by template names

8Exporting styles of financial table in Excel

During the exporting a financial table to Excel, styles that are typical of this table type are exported, as well. In the Excel editor financial table styles are displayed in "Cell styles - Custom" category. Percent is displayed in "Numbered format" category.

Categories "Cell styles - custom" and "Number Format"

9Creating cross-references to footnotes

In this version there's a possibility to add cross-references with referencing to footnote components. The process of adding cross-references to footnotes is quite the same as when you choose any other reference targets.

Adding cross-reference with footnote reference

Remember: footnote reference targets can be displayed in the document only as numbering.