SMASHDOCs 2.19 - Release Notes

January 14, 2021|deleted user

Dear SMASHDOCs friends,

we are thrilled to notify you about the newest SMASHDOCs release our team has just rolled out. The focal point of this release instead of new major functionality has been the increase of the editing velocity and boost of your overall user experience.

Let`s see what comes with this update. 

1Roundtrip improvements

Roundtrip feature is ready to be presented now with improved design and newly added functionality. We are glad to inform our users that from now on:

  • click on a section in the part 'Sections with changes' and in both child and "master" documents this section will be shown in a border for you to find changes in it easily and not to be puzzled with other sections;

Highlighted section with changes in the comparison report

  • you're able to decide in which view you want to see the comparison report:
  • in a synoptical (2-column) view
  • in a 'Merged in 1' view

'Merged in 1' view

  • the outlook of active documents selection page has been improved;

Active documents selection outlook

  • merge button has become more convenient;

Active comparison page with the document changes and "Merge" button highlighted

  • decide, whether you need to create a snapshot before the merging process to remember what you have imported;

Snapshot details highlighted

  • the outlook of titles of documents is improved in such a way, that now you're able to see the creator of a child document in the comparison report.

Changes from a creator highlighted

2SmartDocuments integrated into Microsoft Teams

We keep on making SMASHDOCs useful for various workspaces, thus, this integration was a matter of time. Now we're ready to present you with the great option of creating a SmartDocuments Interview right in your MS Teams account. Choose your template and continue working with a document in the same way as in the SMASHDOCs account.

SmartDocuments option highlighted

SmartDocuments templates

3Word Count tab added

Now you have a splendid opportunity to have an overlook of how many words have been inserted in your document! Just click the option "Open document stats" in the left toolbar and you will see the amount of words, characters with and without spaces in the document.

Word count report highlighted

4Adding link to the branding logo

We also made it easier to interconnect different parts of your system. That is, if there's a representative link that one should be able to go to right out of view mode of the opened document, you can simply add it to the branding logo at the top of a page in your AdminIU.

Note: works only for partner mode.

Adding URL to the logo

Branding logo with the supposed URL highlighted

5Updates to the eSign process

We have already introduced a time-saving improvement such as eSigning and now is the update time. To be specific, it refers to the users management. With this release, you can regulate, who's allowed to participate in the eSign process since only the internal users have access to the function. Besides, we've introduced the Wildcard option for public systems, which means that the user can make all users internal just by typing “*“. The set up is effortless and takes only one line in AdminIU, "Internal user domains".

Internal User Domains

6Adding new icons for non-printing control characters

We've added two new non-printing control characters so that you could comfortably work with the footnotes as well as text sections. Soft hyphen and Line Feed (Soft return) are used for the appropriate hyphens display and next line segmentation correspondingly. You can find them among "All special characters" or under the "Empty spaces & line breaks" tab.

"Soft Hyphen"and "Line Feed" icons in "All special characters" tab

"Soft Hyphen" and "Line Feed" icons in "Empty spaces and line breaks" tab

7Simultaneous work in AdminIU

For the cases when several people are working on one particular tab in AdminIU simultaneously, we've made sure that every change will be saved. Whether the object of editing is Special Chars, Quick Start Menus, Inline-Styles or the Paragraph Decorators tab, you can be confident for all the data to be saved successfully.

Special Characters tab in AdminUI

8Improving the cross-references pattern

Thanks to the new improvement of a cross-reference pattern you can refer to the object with all of its hierarchical characteristics. For example, it can look like 1.a) (i), which is especially useful when using complex lists.

Cross-reference highlighted

9Displaying the "Footnotes" button in the main menu bar

Now you can see the footnotes button straight in the main toolbar. No need to click on a paperclip icon. Actually, you can go even further and configure for any button from paperclip dropdown to move to the toolbar top level like this.

"Footnotes" button displayed separately

10Dracoon integration

Here we're thrilled to announce that Dracoon is now successfully integrated into SMASHDOCs. For you as the user, it equals a transparent and reliable data sharing. All of the files from rooms/folders will be available only to those granted with access. Besides, export option is also present meaning that you can transfer SMASHDOCs document exactly to Dracoon without any unnecessary hustle with its separate opening.

Dracoon & SMASHDOCs

11Bibliography export in Word

Finally, we're ready to introduce the bibliography export in Word so that the export process would become even more user-friendly. No matter what your required format of citing the sources is, they will be displayed with the selected style in Word. Each bibliographic reference and indexes of citations will be found in a .docx file.

The citation and bibliography in SMASHDOCs highlighted

The citation and bibliography in Word after the export highlighted


Now the feature allows you to save the initial version of a document after merging the files. You can also set up an automatic snapshot (which is a clean version of latest state of the document) creation via Word/sdox export as well as compare them to track the changes. Plus, apart from a date of the snapshot creation, its exact time is provided.

Exact time of the snapshot creation highlighted

Changes displayed in the comparison report highlighted

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