SMASHDOCs 2.14 - Release Notes

September 13, 2023

Hello, SMASHDOCs friends!

Long time no hear BUT we are back with yet the biggest release in SMASHDOCs history. Most of these features you have requested yourselves and thanks to you SMASHDOCs keeps evolving and becoming the best word processing tool at the market. So, keep reading to stay on the SMASHDOCs track :)

1Filter changes by user

We ourselves have never thought about filtering the content suggested for change by the user who made them. But after you proposed adding it and we have implemented it, it makes A LOT of sense and makes work with changes A LOT quicker.

Every time you open the document, all users in the document are being automatically selected. In case you are only interested in changes suggested by the specific user, just click on the avatar of those users whose changes you want to deselect from the global changes list. This list will be then automatically adjusted. And yes, it`s that simple!

Looks like this:

Option "Filter by user" highlighted under the "Changes sections" tab

2Zoom function

Finally! You can now enlarge SMASHDOCs document up to 175%. If you put zoom let`s say at 125%, the font size (in text components, text in tables, images and table captions) will be accordingly increased in size, while all control buttons remain unchanged.

Besides the zoom button in the toolbar, you can also use our zoom key combinations "Ctrl + / Ctrl - " for Windows and "COMMAND + / COMMAND - " for Mac.

Zoom button highlighted in the toolbar

3Undo 2.0

No doubt the improvement of our Undo button was the most awaited one. We get it and do our best to bring it to perfection.

So, what is new here this time?

Undo went global! Let`s say you edit one paragraph, go into another and edit something else there. Then you press the "Undo" button. Changes will be reset to the current paragraph first and if you make Undo again, you will land on the previous paragraph and changes will be also reset there.

Your Undos are not stopped by weblinks/cross-references anymore. Undo deletes them now as normal content.

Undo and Redo buttons are now placed on the toolbar. Very convenient!

Undo and Redo buttons highlighted in the toolbar

4Advanced search within the document

The main aim of advanced search is to find content in combination with paragraph and/or inline styles. This combination can take different forms depending on your document formatting and your needs.

Here is an example of the "full" combination (search term + paragraph style + inline style):

Search for search term + paragraph style + inline style highlighted

5Search and Replace in tables

This was a special request from one of our users and we are proud to make it happen. Now you can search specific content also in tables throughout the whole document. Simplifies your search in long documents filled up with tables up to 10x. Proven and tested.

Search and Replace text in tables highlighted

6Additional paragraph style properties for publishing requirements

From now on it can be individually configured by our Professional Services team for a specific paragraph style, whether a text component that contains this paragraph style is:

a read-only "locked" component - the content of component cannot be changed

a movable component - configure whether a component can or cannot be moved (relevant for e.g. introduction components that you would normally not want to move in the document)

a component that requires content = can not be left empty

Text component that required content highlighted

7User management

We created a new "user management" page, where it is possible for the admin to display, update and insert users in an organization.

Main things you as admin can see on your user management page are:

internal and external users -aredifferentiated by the domain in the user’s email address

active/ deactivated users

pending invitations

other system admins

Admin also can:

create a user

invite a user

cancel a user invitation

deactivate a user

activate a user

search for a certain user

set default language for user

User management page highlighted

8Search via regular expressions

In the field "Search" you can now find a clickable checkbox called "RegEx". Regular Expression, or regex or regexp, in short, is extremely helpful when searching and manipulating text strings, particularly when processing text files. One line of regex can easily replace several dozen lines of text strings if you use them rightfully.

Once you check the "RegEx" box and left-click on the "Search field", a dropdown with 8 predefined regular expressions will appear. Then you can either select one of the proposed regular expressions to start a corresponding search or fill in the field manually with the desired regex.

Let`s see how it works in practice:

RegEx \d+ searches for one or more digits. \d stands for a digit (a character in the range 0-9), and + means one or more times.

\d+ regular expression search highlighted

9Cleanup routines

In the field "Search" you can also find the new tab called "Cleanup routines". Cleanup routines "clean" your document till it`s professional looking with just one click.

It consists of 11 predefined cleaning routines you can run separately or all at once. E.g. to avoid inconsistency in quotes set by different users, you can convert supposedly "wrong" quotes to French quotes or delete page breaks throughout the whole document. And many more.

Cleanup routines selected for a run in the document highlighted

10Copy and paste of cross-references

We know how annoying it was to copy and paste a big piece of content from one SD to another and lose all cross-references on the way.

That is why our team is over the moon to tell you that this struggle is over! Cause now no matter how many references you had in your original document, they all will be safe and workable also after you transfer them to another SMASHDOC. We hope this will make your SMASHDOCs life 10x easier :)

Copy and paste including cross-reference

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