SMASHDOCs 2.11 - Release Notes

March 4, 2024

And here we are again with the next Release Notes - version 2.11.0! This time you will instantly notice a huge difference right after starting working with SMASHDOCS. If you are eager to know why then please keep reading.

1Upgraded interface design

As you can tell, the interface has been redesigned.

We completely changed the outlook on your user experience. As the “visually simple” web applications are consistently being rated as more experience than their complex counterparts, we wanted to increase your experience by:

avoiding the “visual complexity”

being much more “open” with the whitespace

switching to more contrasting colors

taking a minimalistic approach to design overall

Basically, simplifying information’s journey from your eye to your brain. Log in and have a look.

2Search and Replace styles

From now on the "Search and Replace" option can be also applied to the paragraph styles. Just search for a specific style and replace it with the one you like. As usual, two replacement options are available: either replacing the chosen style in one/some of the components or everywhere in the document.

3Approve suggested changes in the component individually

If you have already used SMASHDOCs, then you probably got used to the way the changes are being approved. The standard setting is: if the user chooses one decision button (approve/reject), it applies to the whole component.

Recently we added an alternative logic - individual acceptance. In this mode, you should either select one or several words suggested for changes individually. Only then the decision buttons will be displayed.

We did not change the default setting and you can still make a decision with one click. But you can also proceed to your settings and activate the individual acceptance mode.

4Choose the level of numbering

Now if you activate the numbering for the image/formula/table component, a "numbering level" drop-down will be displayed as well. There, you can either select the "First Level (1.)" or the "Second Level (1.1)" of enumeration.

5Use even more Shortcuts

Ideally, a SMASHDOCs user should be able to produce the documents mainly using his/her keyboard, respectively our range of shortcuts. So here is one more to your collection: "Shift + Backspace" both for Mac or Windows users removes the paragraph style, ordered/unordered lists from the text component.

In addition, a functionality to configure any shortcut you`d like for applying an inline style was developed. It is settable for every system individually.

If you’re already a SMASHDOCs user, check these out.

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