SMASHDOCs Release Notes 2.17 - Admin UI

June 10, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska


Briefly, the Admin UI got a huge redesign, a bunch of new features, and is overall more clearly structured, thus easy to operate. So without further ado, let`s dive right in.

2Structured feature menu

2.1Features combined thematically

We have combined all features into thematically logical groups, so it got quite simple to turn on or off the needed functionality for the particular system. The feature-groups include:

Login page

Deselect basic options

Set limits



Editor components

Inline objects


Features combined into thematic groups

2.2Search feature by name

If you happen to know the feature or at least the function's purpose, for instance, export, you can search it by its name.

Search feature by name highlighted


We have also added a bunch of so-called bulk-options on the feature page and you now can:

disable all features on the system

upload all features to the current system as a JSON file

download the list of features as a JSON file from the current system

Bulk-options for disabling, uploading and download of features set highlighted

3Updated paragraph decorators page

Apart from updating the paragraph decorators page visually by emphasising the essential buttons, as an add new paragraph decorator button, we also added a bunch of new features:

Reset - delete all decorators, inlines, Xref and QuickStart Menus

Select - select all or a few items to be able to proceed with further actions such as deletion or download of them all/those few.

Delete - delete button gets activated once at least one item has been selected.

Upload/download with decorators groups - including decorators group is now optional and you can turn it off any time.

Buttons on updated paragraph decorators page highlighted

4Duplicate and delete paragraph decorators

It is now possible to duplicate the specific paragraph decorator or to delete it completely. Thus, the respective buttons have been added to the paragraph decorator page:

Buttons for deletion and duplicate of paragraph decorators highlighted

5Upload section tags to the Admin UI

Sections tags can be added manually or a JSON file containing needed section tag configuration can be uploaded on the section tags page.

Manual creation of section tags highlighted

Once the section tags are created or uploaded on the specific system, they can easily be downloaded again as a JSON file and uploaded on another system. Quick and easy.

Options for manual creation and upload/download of section tags highlighted

6Upload Quick Start Menu

Also, the Quick Start Menus can now not only be created manually but also uploaded/downloaded as a JSON file.

Options for uploading and downloading of section tags highlighted

Furthermore, Quick Start Manu can now be shown everywhere in the editor, meaning both when writing a document from scratch, importing a Word file, or using the available sample by document creation. For this, the option "Show everywhere" should be activated for the desired Quick Start Menu.

Option "Show everywhere" highlighted

7Confirm user via the user management

Users with the status "Invited" can now be manually confirmed on our internal user management page.

Button to confirm a user manually highlighted

This is extremely helpful in case when the invited user can not find his confirmation email. Once the user is manually confirmed, the temporary password should be set.

SMASHDOCs automatically generates random sign combinations that can also be switched until a suitable or easier combination has been found.

Generation of temporary password highlighted

Once the user successfully logs in to the system with the generated password, he can immediately change it to the desired one.

8Manually set password for the user

For already confirmed users a new password can also be set. This option helps out if the user tried to log in with the wrong password too many times and failed to reset the password as specified in the instructions afterward. If the login was unsuccessful too many times in the row, the system does not let such a user through, until the password is set manually for him and he logs in to the system with its help.

Button to set users password manually highlighted

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