Module "Edit the content of a document"

May 14, 2021|Nataliia Berdychevska

Incorporate change proposals

Simply click on the desired section and make the changes.


To be able to incorporate change proposals, you need at least the "Suggest" role.

As soon as you leave the section or click the "Share for review" button, your changes are recorded as suggested changes.

Every time a section is changed, a new version of the section is automatically created in the background. You can view the section history at any time by clicking on the number to the right of the section.

To edit tables and pictures, double-click on the object.

Decide on change proposals


To be able to decide on change proposals, you need the role "Approver".

To decide on certain change proposals, select them and then make the decision "Accept" or "Reject". The decision is automatically logged in section history and the display of the section is adjusted after the decision.

To decide on all change proposals in a section, simply click in the text section and make your decision. It is not necessary to mark all suggestions in the section.

Track new changes made by other users

If other users have incorporated new changes in the document that you have not yet confirmed as "seen", you will be automatically notified by e-mail.

On your home page, you can immediately see if and how many documents there are that have news.

In the document itself, a red notice appears on the tab "Content changes".

To track the changes, click the tab and you will see a list of sections that contain content changes you have not yet seen.

By clicking on an entry in the list, you navigate directly to the corresponding section.

For you new changes are shown as follows:

highlighted in yellow: new change proposal

highlighted in green: accepted proposal

highlighted in red: rejected proposal

Click on the "Blue eye" button to confirm a new change as "seen". The coloured background will then disappear.

Changes to images and tables can also be tracked in this way and confirmed as "seen".