September 28, 2020|Yuliia Pnivchuk

Create a comment

To create a comment on a specific part of a text section, first, select the desired text and then click on the "Comment" button.

In the dialog that appears, you can enter the data for your comment.

You can also control whether the comment is visible

  • for all contributors in the document,
  • only for selected contributors or
  • only for you

You can also regulate whether the comment should be output in the WORD export.

If you do not select specific text in a section, the comment is created to the section.

Track new comments from other users

If other users have added new comments or replies to comments to the document, you will be automatically notified by e-mail.

On your start page, you can immediately see if and how many documents there are that have news.

In the document itself, a red note appears on the "Comments" tab.

To keep track of the news, click on the tab and the list of comments with changes will be displayed.

Click on a comment to see its details.

Posts that are new are highlighted in yellow.

To mark the comment as "seen", simply click on the "eye" above. If you reply to a comment, it will automatically be marked as seen.

The "Back" button next to the eye takes you back to the comment list.

Display the list of all comments in the document

Click on the "Comments" tab on the left side of the document. You can change the display there according to your wishes using the filters above.

For example, the "All" list shows all documents in the document that are

  • open,
  • closed or
  • marked for export to WORD

From the comment itself you can immediately see

  • what processing status it has (open, closed),
  • whether it is included in the WORD export ("Download" icon) and
  • whether it is private ("lock" icon).