Module "Task management"

June 10, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska

1Task management function

During comment creation there is a special possibility of comment management to organise faster reviewing documents and text editing - to assign the comment and set the due date for this. All necessary options - fields "Assigned to" and "Due date" - you can find by opening "Show more options" in the window for creating a comment.

Options for task management

1.1Selecting assignees

You can assign comment to yourself, select assignees among other users in the document or leave a comment unassigned - assigned for nobody.

The list of options to assign the comment

If you choose the option "Selected", a tab "Contributors" opens, where you can see the list of users in the document who can be set as assignees. Also, a special icon indicates here which users are admins.

The list of users to set as assignees

Tick the corresponding checkbox in front of users who must be assigned. You can also make this comment public there, in case you previously have set your comment private.

In case you need to add or remove users from the list of assignees, you can find this option by clicking "Show users". In the list of assignees those users will be also displayed, who have been mentioned in the topic of comment via "@"-sign.

The option "Show users" to make changes in the assignee/viewers list

1.2Due date

You can set and remove due date for the assigned comment. For that click the line "Due date" (see Image 1) and select the required date.

Due date of a task

If the date is current or overdue, it will be displayed in red color, if it is future date - it will be grey.

2Managing the assigned tasks

As soon as a comment has been created and assigned to any users in the document, there will appear a tab in the left toolbar for these users with a notification about the assigned comments - "Comments assigned to me". This tab performs a function of a counter of assigned tasks for a user. If the due date for the assigned task is current or overdue, the notification, as well as text in comment will be displayed in red color, if this date is future, then the notification will be black.

A tab for assigned comments in the left toolbar

When you open this tab, you will see topic and message of a comment, field for your answer, tabs "Posts", "Reference" (with a referenced component), "Contributors" (to change assignees), "Metadata" (to edit metadata of a comment), as well as possibility to change the due date and mark comment as resolved.

Editing due date and assignees

When you open tab "Followers" and make any changes in the list of assignees, these updates will be displayed in the conversation history.

Changing assignees documented in comment history

Due date changes will be also documented in the conversation history.

Changing due date documented in comment history

Above there are also three dots, after clicking which you will get three extra options to delete comment, get link of the comment and stop being notified about news.

Two extra options towards the comment

The option "Stop notifying me about news" (see Image 10) should be clicked, in case users do not want to be informed about updates in a comment and get notifications via email. If you have clicked this button and then decided to be informed about comment news again, you should click the button "Subscribe".

Button "Subscribe" highlighted

After marking comment as resolved, the tab "Show comments assigned to me" disappears from the toolbar.

3Filters in the task management function in leftwing

After creating comments, it becomes possible to search for assigned comments to particular users and unassigned comments through the "Select assignees" and "Unassigned" filters. You can find these filters after opening the tab "Conversations" in the left toolbar.

Filters "Select assignees" and "Unassigned" highlighted

By clicking "Unassigned", only unassigned comments will be displayed in the list.

Result of activating a filter "Unassigned"

By activating the "Select assignees" filter, only users who are assignees of at least one comment will be displayed.

The list of assignees displayed after choosing filter "Select assignees"

Here you also receive extra options to perform:

select a user from the list of assignees by ticking a corresponding checkbox (and, if necessary, by unticking checkboxes in front of other users) to see the assigned comments to this user only;

search and select a particular assignee through the search string;

clear the whole list of assignees in the filter by clicking "Clear all".

To get the list of assigned comments for the selected user, click "Go" below the modal window after ticking this user. After that, all names of selected assignees will be displayed in blue frame.

Names of selected assignees displayed in a blue frame

Such extra options are available there, as:

re-selecting assignees;

showing more assignees, in case more than two users have been selected;

showing less assignees.

The options "Re-select" and "Show more" highlighted

Calling the option "Re-select" redirects you to the list of assignees to select (see Image 14). When you click "Show more", the list of assignees will be spreaded, in case there are more than 2 selected assignees. Button "Show less" reduces this list.

By clicking the filter sign (see Image 16) you will clear the list of chosen assignees.

If you select all users, all comments added in the document will be displayed in the list, including unassigned comments.