Module "Quick Start Menus"

July 23, 2021


Quick Start Menu as simple as it sounds, helps you to start your work with formatting in SMASHDOCs quickly, without any extra steps. Said, with Quick Start Menus functionality, you can fixate your most-used formatting styles in the toolbar and reach them in seconds.

2Outlook of Quick Start Menus in the SMASHDOCs-editor

We initially added Quick Start Menus functionality to simplify the formatting of complex documents. For example, while conducting scriptwriting, it is excellent to have styles like Scene, Duration of the scene, Note to the scene. Managing respective Quick Start Menu guarantees your script extremely professional, structured and easy readable look.

Quick Start Menu highlighted

Or when conducting an agreement, styles like Party, Preamble, Introduction would come in handy. You can find all of these styles under this Quick Start Menu:

Quick Start Menu highlighted

Among other Quick Start Menus that have more of a general character, there are:

Bullets for creating lists

Lists indented


Headings numbered

Quick Start Menus are also super easy to use. Activate the desired component, go to the toolbar, pick one of the Quick Start Menus available to you and the desired paragraph style.

Please note that custom Quick Start Menus are configurable upon request by our Professional Services Team.