Module "Division separators"

March 4, 2024|Nataliia Berdychevska


Division separators are tools in the document with the help of which you can divide your document into several segments and set the outlook of pages for the exported document. This feature is especially useful, if you work with complex documents that may consist of several segments that should differ by the way of page numbering or by the page orientation. The steps how to apply and work with division separators are described further.

2Adding division separators

First of all, to use the feature "Division separators" you need to have the required user role - Suggest, Approver or Document Admin. Once your role corresponds to the required one, then click on a component at the desired point in the document and open the "Plus"-menu in the upper toolbar. There choose an option "Insert division separator".

The option "Insert division separator" displayed

The modal window will open, where you can select a default separator from the preset list or create a new separator.

2.1Selecting division separator from the preset list

In case you choose an option to select from the preset list, you will see the list of available separators with one pre-selected list entry. Note: only one preset list can exist in the document and it is not possible to change it. There is default preset list "IPO Prospectus US" with default division separators. Also, preset list with division separators can be configured upon customer requirements.

Modal dialog to insert division separator

In the preset list choose a required division separator and set the name for this separator.

On the right side the page numbering settings are displayed that can be configured manually. It means that you can decide, which type of page numbering will be applied in the required part of a document after placing the chosen separator there. So, you can:

insert prefix and suffix for the numbering in the corresponding fields, if needed;

choose the format of numbering;

decide, whether page numbering should be continued or restarted;

decide upon the position of numbering on the page:

on the right side;

on the left side;

in the centre.

After everything is set properly, you can see the preview of the numbering to check, whether numbering has been set properly.

Settings of numbering and preview

Also, you can tick the option "Add frame" and then in the exported file pages will be displayed with a frame, and decide, whether the current division separator should be unique and used only once in a document.

Click "Save" and division separator will appear at the required point in the document with all the metadata displayed.

Inserted division separator in the document

The following metadata are shown in the separator:

Counting rule






Once per Document

Editing the added division separator is possible in terms of page numbering settings and name of the separator only. You cannot choose another separator while editing it - the list of division separators will be disabled then.

Dialog window for editing division separator with disabled list of separators

2.2Creating a new division separator

While creating a division separator manually, apart from setting the page numbering, you have to insert name and key of a new separator.

Name and key of a new division separator

There are some crucial rules for inserting a key:

the input is allowed only with small letters, capital letters, numbers and underscore;

underscore symbol must be inserted after each word.

If you need to delete a division separator, select a corresponding separator in the editor and then click on a deletion sign.

Deletion of a division separator

Documents that contain divsion separators can be exported to SDOX and Word formats, duplicated, re-imported and also compared and merged.

Note: division separators won't be shown in comparison report and are ignored during merging documents.

3List of division separators

As soon as you've added all required division separators in the document, you will be able to find these separators in the table of contents. For that, you have to click "Show directories" on the left toolbar and there find and select "Separators".

Option "Separators" in the list of directories

By clicking a separator the document will navigate to the corresponding place where this separator have been inserted.

Selected division separator in the list of directories