Module "Indices"

January 20, 2021|deleted user

A user can tag documents with different “search” terms called indices. To create indices the user should click on the tab "Show table of contents", then on the three-dots-button in order to find "Indices" tab in the dropdown menu.

Tab "Indices" highlighted in the table of contents

After clicking on "Indices", the new dialog window opens. By clicking on the green button "+New", the user can create an index. The number of indices is not limited.

Green plus button for creating a new index

The indices can be created at the same level or on one level down from the existing index.

Creating an index on different levels

After creating one or more indices, the user can insert it anywhere in the text by clicking on the "Add index link" in the formatting bar of the document.

Tab "Add index link" in the text in the formatting table

In addition, user can control how index links will be displayed in the document. In order to do so, the user must click on the "Show document options" tab, then on the "Presentation of indices in the document" menu and choose one of the three existing options:

  • Full path of the index
  • Icons only
  • None

Drop down menu with indices presentationoptions within tab "Document options"

Indices presented in the form "Icons only"

Indices presented in the form "Full path"