Module "Cleanup routines"

January 20, 2021|Yuliia Pnivchuk

Cleanup routines are a complex of operations to make your document look professional and coherent with just one click. In cases where many contributors work on the draft and no specific rules are set for the formatting, cleanup rules come in handy. It is effortless to convert the wrong quotes to the standard quotes to avoid inconsistency if set by different users, delete page breaks throughout the whole document etc.

The functionality includes an individually set number of predefined cleanup routines that can be run separately or all at once throughout the whole document incl tables. Please note that routines unapplicable in tables will be automatically skipped.

There is also a set of default routines available on each SMASHDOCs platform free of charge, e.g.:

  1. Replace multiple consecutive blank lines with one blank line
  1. Delete unnecessary spaces

In SMASHDOCs cleanup routines can be applied in two cases:

  1. before importing the WORD file
  1. in the existent SMASHDOC

To apply cleanup routines before importing the Word document, select them before choosing/dragging the file itself.

Button "Apply cleanup routines" highlighted during the WORD import

The full list of available cleanup routines by WORD Import highlighted

To apply cleanup routines in the existent SMASHDOC, go to the Tab "Search" and choose the "Cleanup routines". After selecting several or all routines, click on the "Run" button for the chosen actions be executed in the document.

Cleanup routines under the "Search" tab highlighted

Let`s have a closer look at certain cleanup routines and the difference they make in the document's layout:

  • Delete unnecessary spaces

As it was:

Unnecessary spaces highlighted in the WORD document

As it became:

  • Replace multiple consecutive blank lines with one blank line

As it was:

Multiple consecutive lines highlighted in WORD document

As it became:

  • Convert (wrong) quotes (single + double) to French (single + double) qoutes

As it was:

As it became:

  • Delete page breaks

As it was:

As it became:

Please note that the results of running cleanup routines are not logged as changes and thus cannot be tracked.